The foundation of Future Mold's operation revolves around the latest innovative and advanced Cad/Cam software. From a concept idea to redesigning a product into a moldable plastic part, we have the solution and experience you are looking for to create a 3D part modal to get your product up and going. If you already have a 3-D part modal we are one step closer in designing and developing a Mold to produce your product.
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Product Design & Development

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Customer Information
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We utilize Cimatron software for all of our 3D solid part modeling, and 3D mold designs. This software is the driving force behind the NC code for all of our CNC machines on the shop floor.
We can accpt:
Cimatron files
Solidworks files
iges files
neu files
stp files
dxf files
pdf files
jpg files
If we can answer any questions or if we can help you with any of your design needs, please contact us.
(812) 941-8661